Workshops & Speakers

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

This year at the Wellness & Spirit Fair in Nanaimo, listen to a professional line up of keynote speakers, presenters and other subject matter experts.

From 11:00 AM till event closing.
See detailed speaker schedule below.

Discover the latest trends in nutrition, fitness, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Speaker & Lecture Schedule


11:00 AM ~ Marilyn Marshall - Energy Point Healing

TOPIC: Discussion about Intuitive Energy Massage™ (IEM™) is a transformative energetic massage which combines Reiki, Pranic Healing, White Light Healing, Cranial Sacral Movement, gentle body pulling, Major and Minor Chakra alignment, Acupressure and Energy Medicine for a profound relaxation and healing experience. This massage is done on a massage table with the client fully clothed. We tune into what you are holding in your body from all aspects of your being – soul memory, ancestral, past lives etc. This discussion is useful in helping to let go of limiting beliefs and energetic blocks, resulting in healthier mind, body and spirit.

12:00 PM ~ Amber Rose ~ The Chiron Healing Academy

TOPIC: How to Fuel Your Body and Feel Great 

Amber Rose is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a graduate of Vancouver Island University's Sports, Health and Physical Education Program. Goal is to create a community promoting an active, plant-based lifestyle.

1:00 PM ~ Naomi Nicholson ~ Secluded Wellness Centre

TOPIC: Medicine Woman, Naomi Nicholson of Secluded Wellness shares knowledge and education around Medical Cannabis (marijuana). Combining her years of holistic health knowledge & training, benefits of cannabis and knowing how important public education is, this talk is for the never-consumed-before, only-a- couple-times, the part/ full time person and those curious about cannabis.

2:00 PM ~ Tammy Prince & Permelia Parham ~ Ideally Blissful

TOPIC: Emotion Code for Families

This presentation is for parents wanting to improve communication with their children. Stop by and learn how the Emotion Code protocol will assist you in improving clearer communication with your children.  The Emotion Code offers a new perspective in supporting parents having challenges communicating with toddlers and teens and all ages in between. Rather than feeling stressed you will feel empowered after learning the benefits of The Emotion Code.

3:00 PM ~ Tracy Rae Davies – Awakening The Healer Within

TOPIC:  Energy healer, metaphysical light worker, and metaphysical artist, Tracy Rae Davies shares her ability to connect others with their own inner healer.  During this amazing and unique guided meditation Tracy holds a safe and healing space for others to experience, visualize and gain access to more intimate knowledge of themselves. 

4:00 PM ~ Kathryn Lowther ~ Biomagnetism

TOPIC: BIOMAGNETISM- How it can help your health and wellness

Kathryn will show how a session is performed and how it works by distance (remotely)

She will need a volunteer or two.

Kathryn has been helping clients to heal for 12 years, from a myriad of health issues.
Learn more about Biomagnetism.