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Q: How much is admission to the Wellness & Spirit Fair in Nanaimo ? 

A: The fair is open to the public and is a FREE event: whether you are a believer or just curious, we invite you to come and check it out. If you have questions about the fair -keep reading and we will do our best to answer them.

Q: Where and What are the hours of the Wellness & Spirit Fair in Nanaimo? 

A: Saturday, September 14, 2019 between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Bowen Park Complex - 500 Bowen Rd., Nanaimo   


Q: What do I get if I attend? 

A: You get into the fair for the 1 day offered September 14th, 2019 and have access to top psychics, healers and merchandisers with unique products; you get into all the hourly workshops, lectures and demonstrations; and when you enter the fair you will be automatically get entered into the prize draws for a variety of prizes when you sign up.  

Q: Are there costs other than admission? 

A: Private psychic readings with professional psychics or consultations with any of the health and wellness experts cost extra and range in price.  Pricing is determined by each vendor and depends on the length and type of session you book directly with them. Products by several merchandisers will for sell a variety of wares like crystals, unique clothing and other novel items. Many crystals are very affordable. You will also discover a wide selection of interesting books and wellness and metaphysical items available for purchase.  

Q: What kind of payment will be accepted? 

A: Most exhibitors will accept cash, credit and debit cards, but not all. Note: there is no ATM in the building.  

Q: Do I need to make an appointment in advance? 

A: No, you can book sessions with our exhibitors at the show. However, we do recommend coming early in the day because the fair does get busy.  You can also look at our EXHIBITORS list and contact them directly if you would like them to hold a specific time for you.  

Q: Cell Phone Use 

A: Please put your phone on silent at the fair to be cautious to our exhibitors, presenters and patrons enjoying their experience. It is okay to have your phone on if you need information for your scheduled sessions with any of the exhibitors, or if you are recording your reading. We also welcome you to use your phone for social media posts via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  

Q: Is there a list of exhibitors, workshops and speakers for each day? 

A: Yes. Please visit the website and you will see a complete list of Exhibitors, workshops, lectures and demonstrations who are booked in to the fair.  The schedule will be posted on the website and displayed just outside the lecture area as well as in the Program Directory.


TIP: Demonstrations are included with the admission, so come early to take in as many lectures as possible. It is a great way to sample the experience of the Wellness & Spirit Fair in Nanaimo.  

Q: Will everyone listed on your website be at the fair?  

A: Our website shows the most up to date information about who is going to be at each of our annual fairs and it is a reliable guide. However rarely, there are times when an exhibitor must cancel at the last minute to attend to a family or personal matter. Please know that exhibitor becomes unavailable, you can still come to the show with confidence that we are providing the best professionals available for that fair.  

Q: Is there childminding service for children? 

A: No, this service will not be provided.  If you bring small children, please keep them close to you and with older children perhaps give them a few dollars to spend on crystals or book them in for services offered. Enjoy watching them interact with the very special group of people at the fair.  

Q: Will there be food offered at the fair? 

A: Yes, there will be a food truck concession with a health food menu offered for additional cost.  

There are picnic tables throughout Bowen Park Complex to enjoy the atmosphere and relax.

Q: How do I become an exhibitor or learn more about sponsorship?
A: Simply click the appropriate registration form below!

Exhibitor and Sponsor Registration Forms links below. 

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